The Inspector Cluzo

We are THE INSPECTOR CLUZO, rock-blues guitar/drums duo formed in 2008 in Mont-de-Marsan by Laurent (Guitars, Vocals) and Mathieu (Drums).

We met 30 years ago on the benches of the Math Sup. of the Lycée Victor Duruy and studied fundamental physics afterwards. Since then, we have never left each other, either musically or agriculturally. We have been playing together for more than 30 years, are multi-instrumentalists (Tenor sax for Laurent & Trumpet for Mathieu) and started music at the age of 7. Since 2008, TIC has played more than 1200 dates in more than 67 countries, in a completely self-produced way visiting festivals like Lollapalooza Chile and Brazil, Oppikopi festival (South Africa) or Fujirock (Japan), Pentaport (South Korea) but also India, China, Peru or Madagascar.

Indeed, we have always been self-financed, the key to our total independence. We have nothing against the majors or the multi-nationals, but we think that this is no longer a system adapted to the 21st century, both for reasons of equality between the North and the South of the planet and for obvious environmental reasons. Producing and creating locally one's own economic, social or environmental wealth with what one has, where one is, seems to us to be more adequate for this 21st century. We are therefore our own Management and Label via our production company "F. the Bass player Records" & "Ter à Terre", but also our own E-shop that we manage ourselves with Nathalie (Administration of the label / Management and Farm). So we have limited means to finance our musical activities but we are satisfied with it. That didn't stop us from touring the world and releasing 9 albums in 15 years. When you order an album or a t-shirt on this website, you order directly from us and finance directly our activities. It is a path, an adventure guided by strong convictions that came from our travels around the world. We don't think we are right but this path corresponds to our aspirations and we want to show that it can work.

Since 10 years we are also farmers & peasants in the farm "LOU CASSE" near Mont-de-Marsan in the Landes de Gascogne. It is today, in these times of global warming, our main activity, because we are in 1st line on the environmental changes at the farm LOU CASSE. Our farm allows us to be food self-sufficient and to produce for others locally. Our music is totally organic, we play 100% live at our concerts, there are no tracks or pre-recorded tapes. Nothing against it, just the desire to be as natural and organic as possible like the Blues: our natural musical anchor.

Adishats -TIC