The Inspector Cluzo shares the Gascon values of:

The Stade Montois rugby is the mythical and more than hundred-year-old club of the city of Mont de Marsan in the Landes de Gascogne. In the 60's and 70's, the SM provided the French national team with some of its best players, including its emblematic captain: the immense Benoit Dauga, the Boniface brothers or Christian Darrouy... They are, among others, the custodians of this flamboyant game, full of Gascon panache that the English will call "French flair": They are the custodians of this flamboyant game, full of Gascony panache that the English call "French flair": throwing from the 22 meters and taking maximum risks, attracted by the beautiful game and aestheticism... or when the art of the arenas (from the Landaise race to the bullfight) mixes with traditional combat! At a time when rugby is becoming more professional, the values of Montpellier have survived (soul, panache, not much money but a lot of know-how), the SM Pro has managed to adapt and succeed, with one of the smallest budgets of Pro D2, to play almost every year in the semi-finals! Toustem, amasse que gagneram (All together, we will win)

The Bas Armagnac "Le Domaine de la Tuilerie" is part of all our trips around the world... Why? It represents so well our Gascon values thousands of kilometers away from our land... no need for long speeches to Japanese or American people to describe the essence of our country. A glass of this beverage... and hop these Gascon values which are ours : Character and Humility, Humor and Panache and Fraternity, sense of sharing in all its forms... everything is in it... Where other strong alcohols of the world are satisfied... to be "strong"... this low armagnac shows that one can be humble and have a strong personality. These are not opposing or contradictory values as we hear so often in these times.
Humble and strong character, isn't that the basis of our values? They are Gascon, we share them with the Domaine de la Tuilerie and we must defend them.

N124 is a communication agency. Its field of action is wide: Advertising, marketing, Internet site, online store, development of Intranet / Extranet system, events. N124 is a human-sized agency created in April 2002 around strong values such as creativity, listening and conviviality. These values are the essential components of N124's development policy. N124's mission is to give meaning to the actions of companies.

Our t-shirts are all made by Adishatz in Capbreton. The brand ADISHATZ ® was created by former members of the KGB "Klan de Gasconha Bordèlica" around the most popular word of the Gascon language (at least as much as "hilh de p.... !" or "diu vivant !"). Through clothing or local gourmet products of quality, their goal is to convey a certain look tinged with humor more or less caustic, with these boastful and boastful features of our fellow citizens, which make up the life of our region of the great South West ... The themes treated touch as much the daily life of everyone: gastronomy, rugby, hunting and fishing stories, espadrille throwing competitions... as well as more particular moments such as summer festivals...
ADISHATZ ® is 3 themes in 3 different collections: ADISHATZ® País, ADISHATZ® Classic, ADISHATZ® Gourmet.

The Barrère Family, Jean Barrère & Marie Sylvie, whom you all know by now since he is the guy who put his face on the cover of "Gasconha rocks". Jean is THE gascon. A man full of love for others, a man of conviction, breeder of Landes cows, Paloumayre (singer for the goshawks), poet, storyteller, etc. Go visit him on our behalf to understand our culture, he will share it with you like no other.

The Course Landaise is a regional sport, recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, managed by a French Federation created in 1953. The current actors are high level athletes and their athletic prowess is admired by all during the increasingly long seasons: from early March to late October. It is also an element of our cultural heritage and a living tradition well anchored in modernity. The "course landaise" is still today the main event of the numerous village festivals (from the smallest to the biggest!) which animate and give rhythm to the Gascon summer. Attending a "course landaise" is also to be sure to take part in a show where the Gascon soul vibrates and where you can still meet real characters on the stands as well as in the arena!