TIC @ La Maroquinerie(Paris)

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On sale from Wednesday, May 17 at 11am.
We wanted to do something special for Paris. Still being our own producers, so with limited means, we decided to invest in La Maroquinerie for a week, a venue we love and which saw us start in Paris. In the end it will be the same in terms of audience as a big venue and it will be more affordable for everyone. Different electric (3) and unplugged (1) concerts, encounters, proximity, Armagnac from Colette Armagnac Domaine de La Tuilerie in a venue perfectly suited to our organic music.
The first parts will be in this state of mind since it will be Professor Marc Dufumier, who is a model for us, pioneer and specialist of the world agro-ecology. He will make you aware with his usual humor and pedagogy of this agrarian practice that we have been practicing on our farm for 10 years. We wanted to do something simple, friendly and cultural at the same time, as we like.
Adishats TIC.