RAFF Tour part 1: DONE

28 concerts in 45 days: goal achieved as our friends from THE EELS. Back to the farm for 1 month and a half. Today: we sow our free seeds of corn populations on 5 Ha then 1ha of market garden as well as the animals to take care... Very far from the tour. Thanks to our 2 great supports during this headlining tour in France: Nathan Bergman & Carina Frantzen. Thanks to all those without whom it could not have taken place: Bib & Luca our 2 sound technicians, Gégé & Juju from 7 WEEKS (their new album is great!) who helped us with the driving and the backline on stage. Thanks to the merchansiding volunteers for their precious help. A big thank you also to Maryse, Hubert, Daniel and of course Nathalie who kept the farm running while we were on tour. Without all these people it would not have been possible. Thanks of course also to all the people who came to the concerts, to the people we met during the concerts, etc... Other tour dates will be announced soon, but now let's focus on more important things because:
"RUNNING A FAMILY IS MORE ROCK THAN PLAYING ROCK N ROLL MUSIC" now that is for real:)! We don't mess with the earth.
Adishats to all.