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"Running a Family Farm" is the sequel, eight years on, to the documentary "Rockfarmers" released in 2015. Once again, the film is by Yan Sourigues. The filmmaker has spent the last three years filming the day-to-day life of the inhabitants of the Casse agro-ecological farm. They offer a simple, factual account of their experience, with no desire for a model. The project consists in revealing what works, but also what doesn't work. Convictions are confronted with practice. Their adaptation to the challenges of global warming and the uncertain future are the logical genesis of the new album "Horizon".
Vance Powell (multiple Grammies Award winner, with Jack White, The Raconters, Chris Stapleton...) and Professor Jean-Luc Guérin, a teacher and researcher at L'ENVT in association with Inrae, give us their views and insights. In all simplicity, the stakes are complex enough.