US Tour – fin

Tonight in NEW YORK CITY it’s the end of our US(& MONTREAL) Tour. 12000 km, 1 month just the 2 of us, driving the car, load our gear in & out every night (loved some venues stairs as we needed some exercice), rocking, then crappy scary motels etc…
From the desert of NEW MEXICO to the snow of COLORADO to the green of IOWA, the amazing NEBRASKA and MISSOURI horizons, the rock towns of CHICAGO & DETROIT, our dear friends in QUEBEC: it was a real wilderness trip, a Kerouac trip.
Back at the farm for some corn work with lots of memories and lots of new friends and new favorite bands. Thanks for providing us with such amazing good music, our ears are clean enough now! Thanks to the The Messenger Birds for beeing very good tour mates (though crappy snooker players). We’re back very soon in the US & Canada! Love you all or y’all!
Rock will never die, that is for sure. One thing for sure about Blues & Rock music : there is only one way still and ever.