RAFF Tour 2023 - France - Supports

Our friends Nate Bergman (USA) and Carina Frantzen (Norway) will open this French Part 1. This will be their first tour in France for both of them! For the regulars of our "ROCKFARMERS RADIO SHOW" (to be listened on our site), you already know them very well because we speak to you about them since a long time. They have in common to have monumental voices and to be like us padawan's of Vance Powell. Very big emotional power and one and the other.
After the Dizzy Brains (Mada), No Mady (Mada) and "Los lobos Marinos" (Chile) who had opened for the previous album, we continue and will continue to present you artists met here or there in the world, and out of format. Go and discover Nate and Carina, it's high!
Adishats -TIC
03-03 LA ROCHELLE La Sirène (+Nate Bergman)
03-04 SAINT MALO New Wave (+Nate Bergman)
03-08 LYON Ninkasi Kao (+Nate Bergman)
03-09 NANCY L'Autre Canal (+Nate Bergman)
03-10 CLERMONT-FERRAND La Coopé (+Nate Bergman)
03-11 MONTPELLIER Le Rockstore (+Nate Bergman)
03-16 ALENCON La Luciole (+Carina Frantzen)
03-17 TOULOUSE Le Bikini (+Carina Frantzen)
03-18 BORDEAUX Le Krakatoa (+Carina Frantzen)
03-19 BIARRITZ L'Atabal (+Carina Frantzen)
03-22 LORIENT L'Hydrophone (+Carina Frantzen)
03-23 ROUEN le 106 (+Carina Frantzen)
03-24 SAINT-LO Le Normandy (+Carina Frantzen)