The Inspector Cluzo

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The Inspector Cluzo


16/06/2021 DK - Copenhaguen Copenhell festival
18/06/2021 FR - Clisson, 44 Hellfest - main stage
26/06/2021 FR - Antibes,06 Fort Carré - Festival Nuits Carrées
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TIC @ FujiRock Festival 2014

🇯🇵 FUJI ROCK (Japan-2014)

We played this prestigious festival twice already  (2008 & 2014). It's  been an honor. Always got a special bond with Japan and our fans there. First of all because our carreer started there in 2008, but also because we still have many friends there. Did 6 tours in Japan so far.This picture was taken at 9:45am. Show time was at 9:00am, so early, but they were all there, packed, 5000 Fujirockers English
. Miss y'all. Back Soon!
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The Inspector Cluzo @ M6 - 66 minutes The Inspector Cluzo on  M6 French TV channel.
Program: 66 minutes
Report by Lizzie Treu
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The Inspector Cluzo - Little Girl & The Whistlin Train- The Organic Farmers Season - Unplugged Live - Fall 2020

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