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In TIC ... headphones
FIP, TIC's new album "BROTHERS IN IDEALS" (release Friday Jan 17th) partner, asked us to make a playlist of what we were listening to at that moment for: DANS LE CASQUE DE...THE INSPECTOR CLUZO.
Different very good things like Carina Frantzen and one the the greastest singer now Chris Stapleton our friends: Clutch , THE EELS or 7 WEEKS(Juju), the new 6 strings pistolero: Christone "KINGFISH" Ingram, the Raconteurs, The Budos Band,Tinariwenn and those who made our lives sweeter : Debussy, Coltrane, JJ Cale & Tony Joe White
Neil Young we love you, and we still need you !



Carina Frantzen - Insomnia

John Coltrane - Naima

Chris Stapleton - Whiskey and you

Clutch - Fortunate son

The Budos Band - Old engine oil

Debussy - Clair de lune

The EELS - The premonition

The Raconteurs - Bored and daized

Kingfish- Outside of this town

Tinariwen - Tenere Maloubat

7 weeks - Gone

JJ Cale - Stay around

Tony Joe White- Polk salad annie

Neil young - Human highway (album Hithcinker)