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Brothers in Ideals - WTPOTS unplugged - Jan. 17th 2020

BROTHERS IN IDEALS-We the people of the Soil Unplugged: release Jan. 17th, 2020
1st Single "The Globalisation Blues" to be released next Friday Sept. 13th

Since 2016  and that first acoustic concert for Arte/Deezer in Arthur Rimbaud's house, you kept on asking us for an acoustic record. It was not the proper time... This year has been crazy ... we played more than 108 gigs all over the world, still running the farm at the same time, it was unsane but we did it. Those 2 Middle West Winter tours with Clutch and EELS have been the craziest we've ever done in our carreer, because it was tough. We were only two of us travelling and driving the car. The welcome of the Middle West crowd has been well as travelling through Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, Montana, Mississippi... alone in a car ..we felt the wilderness..

Hence it was the proper time to record our 1st acoustic record... to share what we felt in that Middle West ..a kind of a testify.. After the EELS tour we stopped and recorded in Vance Powell's studio, all live during 4 days , mixed in 2 days...just like this ..simple...we invited some friends, Charles Treadway  (piano, Wurlitzer), Eleonore Denig (Violin), Austin Hoke(Cello) and Marianne Dissard(Vocal on "The Best") we played all together..that's it. We were not planning to release it ...but being our own Label and doing what we want we decided to release it never having a specific carreer plan, just following our artistic feelings.

Next week "the globalisation blues": first single will be released (on the 13rd of September), with its own video shot in the studio and during Clutch February tour..
The whole LP will be released next 17 th of January...

Adishats friends from all over the world.