The Inspector Cluzo

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The Inspector CLuzo - Rockfarmer Tour

2018 Tour

13/05/2018 Senpere (Fr) Herri Urrats 2018
18/05/2018 Chateaulin (Fr) Run Ar Puns - les 40 ANS
19/05/2018 Le Mans (Fr) Grand Prix de France Moto
02/07/2018 Amsterdam (Nl) AFAS Live - Jack White's after show
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Litte Girl and the Whistling Train - 2nd video clip

video here:

Release of the 2nd single video clip:  "Little girl & the whistlin' train"extract from the 10th anniversary LP "We the people of the soil ", (to be released May 4th).


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The Inspector Cluzo @ M6 - 66 minutes The Inspector Cluzo on  M6 French TV channel.
Program: 66 minutes
Report by Lizzie Treu
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Événement The Inspector Cluzo